Professional Bio

Kerry Filmmaker Bertie Brosnan was born in Tralee, the capital of Kerry, Ireland. He lived away for some years but is now based in Kerry. He is a filmmaker, actor and writer and a member of the Screen Director’s Guild in Ireland. He has been developing his craft in filmmaking since 2010. Bertie practices the disciplines of screenwriting, film producing, acting, directing, and everything else in between. He has never been to film school but has had plenty screen acting training in Ireland and the United States and some writing training here in Ireland. Bertie is most known for writing, producing, directing and starring in his feature film titled Con. His last two short films, Sineater & Jacob Wrestling With The Angel had critical acclaim with both reaching Cannes Short Film Corner in consecutive years and receiving many Official Selections at international film festivals, with lots of other regular screenings at filmmaking events too. Both those films earned nominations for directing, acting, editing; and Sineater won a Cinematography award at Limerick Film Festival. And finally, they received a worldwide distribution deal with Shorts TV via distribution outfit Bidslate.

Bertie started out working and training as an actor in Cork City with the Gaiety School of Acting and on some small independent short films. Bertie worked his way up to bigger films such as Guerrilla which was produced by Dunsany Productions and then attained his first TV role with Sterling TV and Film Productions on the hit TV Series called Maru which aired on TG4.

Bertie spent a little time in Los Angeles where he received part-time training at the Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles, Lee Strasberg studio in West Hollywood and the Improv Olympic Hollywood. Bertie also worked on a very successful independent Horror film called Chemical 13 and was involved in two more short films in which he wrote one called Oh The Accent! which aired on Planet 3 TV. Bertie returned to Ireland and was cast as the lead in a Meteor commercial while writing Jacob Wrestling With The Angel which he produced and directed also. In 2013, he was cast in an RTE funded film titled ‘Empty.’ You can view some of Bertie’s acting portfolio here: YouTube Channel

In 2015 Bertie was cast in an Award-winning Horror Feature called Brackenmore which is currently featured on Amazon Prime. He then won a filmmaking bursary from the Cork City Arts Council early the next year and produced two artistic short films called Forgotten Paradise & Last Service from this grant. Bertie’s debut feature film Con will be sold this year to a distribution company.

Personal Bio

Bertie Brosnan is an Irishman, a Vegan, and a loyal Man United supporter. He loves walks in nature, waves, mountains, animals, and fresh air. Bertie is an advocate for several causes to do with environmental concerns.

He likes to cook and look after his health as he doesn’t drink, smoke, or put any toxins in his system as much as possible. In saying that, he has his weaknesses and indulges from time to time. Bertie loves coffee but more for effect rather than being a connoisseur.

And, no surprises here, but he adores cinema, watching films, TV Shows, documentaries but is quite selective of what he views and how he devotes his time. Bertie reads a lot for self-improvement and enjoyment.

The picture was taken in Cannes 2015 on his smartphone 🙂

Kerry Filmmaker Bertie Brosnan in Cannes on the red carpet

What’s Next?

In 2018, Bertie is planning his next film projects and attending the main film markets to meet financers and potential international co-producers. Currently, he has four feature film projects in the works at the developmental stages with some significant talent attaching themselves to one project in particular.

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