Bertie Brosnan Acting Services Headshot

Bertie has been involved in acting since mid-2008 when he was cast in an amateur short film. He took up drama classes with the GAIETY SCHOOL OF ACTING soon after in late 2008. In 2009, he got involved in a stage production and several other small film projects and continued with part-time screen acting training. In 2010, he got his first TV role on TG4’s MARU.

Following this was a trip to Los Angeles, he obtained three significant characters in relatively successful short films. When Bertie arrived home, he began writing his own parts in short films while auditioning for commercials to some success.

Although Bertie has been primarily behind the camera in the last few years, he still has a passion for acting. In 2013, he appeared in RTE’s short film EMPTY. Around the same time, he led the cast of his short movie JACOB WRESTLING WITH THE ANGEL which is now distributed worldwide by SHORTS TV.

Later, he had a cameo in his film SINEATER which is also distributed by SHORTS TV. Bertie secured a slightly more significant role in a Horror feature shot in his homeland titled BRACKENMORE which is now available on AMAZON PRIME & ITUNES. In 2016, Bertie led his cast again in his feature debut as Director. CON is also available on PRIME in the UK & USA.

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