What’s Con about?

CON is an Irish Feature Film shot in the south west of Ireland; it was written, directed and starring Bertie Brosnan.

Con Keogh, a successful filmmaker and actor, leaves rehab for alcohol addiction and joins a documentary production that centres around reuniting him with his estranged father after 25 years. With emotions running high the film takes a few twists and turns.

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Peer Reviews

A thought-provoking film in which the many sides of a tortured soul are portrayed. The ups and downs and highs and lows of Con show the complexed nature of us all and the delicacy of a life controlled by addiction. Brosnan is superb and completely believable as Con, who’s arrogance and insecurities simultaneously seem to draw you in. – Miss K. O’ Donnell

A terrific debut from Brosnan. Con was heartfelt, engrossing and heartfelt from start to finish. Anyone with a dysfunction family (which is many) needs to watch this film. Bravo! – Francis C.

Mighty stuff from Bertie Brosnan. A must see. – Rory O’ Flaherty

Watching this movie is a great way to spend a little over an hour — a dramatic tale of what can happen when you bury pain instead of facing it. Bad decisions beget bad decisions and pain stacks up over time, manifesting as addiction, estrangement, and an inability to cope with normal relationships. This movie has a great cast and superb acting, and writer/director/star Bertie Brosnan leaves us with the ending we need to take away the core message. Wonderful film, cannot recommend highly enough. – Bil Gaines

Critical Reviews

“Con” is introspective, protracted, well-acted, and wraps up well. It’s slow-paced, feeling long at only an hour and nine minutes; but if you have the patience for slow-crafted indies, you’ll likely find a film you can relate to.” – THE MOVIE BUFF (Read Full Review)

“In total, with its smartly conceived execution, entertaining characters, and relevant social statements it makes about celebrity and addiction, “Con” should stand as a worthy entry to the indie film arena, hopefully, appreciated for the sometimes quirky, but always lucid, character-based effort it is.” – ONEFILMFAN.COM (Read Full Review)

“There are a number of compelling reasons to like this unique and interesting film. Bertie Brosnan’s impressive, and knowing, performance as Con is one of those compelling reasons.” – LZ LARK (Read Full Review)

“You’ll definitely get a better feel for the real personality of The Kingdom in Con.” – SCOTT LARSON (Read Full Review)

Ways to watch

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