Bertie Brosnan has written, produced and directed several short films and one feature film. Below are the posters for these titles:

Two of Bertie’s short films (Sineater & Jacob Wrestling With The Angel) are currently being distributed worldwide by British/Amercian outfit Shorts TV after receiving many nominations and winning an award on the international festival circuit.

Bertie won a filmmaking bursary from the Cork City Arts Council for his next two short films (Forgotten Paradise & Last Service), which are available online:

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Some Reviews:

Bertie Brosnan is passion personified. From the moment you meet him, his love for movies and the process of film making is instantly apparent.” – Film Ireland

It’s only a matter of time before the film world wakes up and takes note of a very talented film maker.” –

His (Bertie) short films have definitely whetted my appetite. I can’t wait to see what he comes up within a full-length production.” – Scott’s Movie Reviews

There are a number of compelling reasons to like this unique and interesting film (Con). Bertie Brosnan’s impressive, and knowing, performance as Con is one of those compelling reasons.” – LZ Lark

“Con” (Bertie’s debut feature film) is introspective, protracted, well-acted, and wraps up well. It’s slow-paced, feeling long at only an hour and nine minutes; but if you have the patience for slow-crafted indies, you’ll likely find a film you can relate to. Movie Buff

“In total, with its smartly conceived execution, entertaining characters, and relevant social statements it makes about celebrity and addiction, “Con” should stand as a worthy entry to the indie film arena, hopefully, appreciated for the sometimes quirky, but always lucid, character-based effort it is. One Film Fan