Bertie Brosnan working on the set of his award-winning film SINEATER

From an early age, I knew that I loved film. It was a pure escape for me, and from then on, it’s been an obsession. Growing up in a working-class home in an uninspired town, I didn’t have an opportunity to explore anything creative. Not having a real technical proficiency in film equipment or anything along those lines, it wasn’t clear that a ‘Film Career’ could be a way for me to move forward in life.

It wasn’t until I moved to the nearest major city, ‘Cork’ that I got involved in my first creative endeavours. After throwing away most of my teens and adolescence drinking too much and wasting time on a Civil Engineering diploma, it was a sure fire way to skyrocket my recovery and new lease of life in a brand-new environment with different people and attitudes. I fell into Acting almost by accident but looking back it was no accident as my whole life moved in an overall new direction and I didn’t look back.

Little did I know that I had begun my true calling which is writing, directing and editing for film. In acting, I learned the craft of building casts, crews and scripts from the inside out. I love acting and have done from the moment I stood in front of a camera, but I didn’t have a real passion for the demands of full training and in-depth analyses of speech, drama and movement. But with Imagination, Inspiration, Creation, Writing, Re-Writing, Producing, Directing and Editing – this is what whetted my appetite, and in 2012, I began that journey of creating ideas from my mind all the way to the screen with little full-time help, technical training or contacts. And, without any financial backing from any authorities in the beginning.

Since 2012/13 I have created many small video projects, four short films, one feature and several online documentaries.

My major works consist of two worldwide distributed short films in Sineater & Jacob Wrestling With The Angel with American/UK company Shorts TV

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Screening Deal for Kery Man’s Films


I won a film bursary with Cork City Arts in 2016 and produced my next two short films Last Service & Forgotten Paradise


I have written, produced, directed & starred in a feature film titled Con (all for 7,000 euros)

Now, I want to give back to my community of filmmakers and share the secrets and steps to creating quality films without any technical experience, contacts, finance or any star actor. If it’s in your heart to produce great films and you are very serious about the process, then I can be your guide, but it will not be easy. I gave up a lot to produce good works. If you sign up for my mailing list, you will be the first to know about the new free Filmmaker by Heart ebook and the subsequent paid-for online course that will change the way you view indie films and the film industry.

Check out my full list of credits here on IMDb

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I leave you with this quote to ponder on; it’s something I thought about and reflected on quite a lot during my journey in producing films:

The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence. – Woody Allen