A little bit about me

I’m an Irish filmmaker, screenwriter and actor. My critically-acclaimed short films have been internationally recognised at leading festivals both at home and abroad. They received many nominations across all disciplines and won an award for Cinematography. 

In 2016, I was awarded a film bursary from the Cork City Arts Division and produced two short films from the funds. As of November 2017, I became a member of the Screen Director’s Guild Ireland. 

Check out my Film Portfolio here or, watch the Official Trailer for my debut feature film CON which will be released early next year via an online distribution platform:

Learn More about “Con” here: Official Website.

Here’s a link if you want to read a little more about my background and work: About Bertie

Giving back to the filmmaking community

I am also very passionate about helping others fulfil their dreams in film-making. Giving back to others is paramount in my life today as I believe in service to aspiring artists.

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Amy Hughes

I had the pleasure of acting alongside Bertie in his film, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, which he directed, wrote, starred in and produced last year. I was cast at the last minute before filming began due to the first actress becoming ill but Bertie and Alan (producer) worked closely with me to get my character right and make sure I was absolutely comfortable.

Despite the amount that he had undertaken for Jacob, Bertie gave careful attention to all aspects of the creative process. Bertie’s dedication to creating his film and all his hard work throughout the process was admirable; the fantastic final product reflects this and I am thrilled to have been involved in this film.

Amy HughesActress
Michael O Sullivan

I worked with the Director, Bertie Brosnan, on four occasions, I must say it was an absolute joy to work with him. For each project, he gathered a wonderful crew and cast of friendly professional people. He was in complete control of the set and created a great atmosphere… I look forward to working with him again.

Michael O SullivanActor
Brian O’ Connor

I found Bertie very easy to work with and dependable. He was also very courteous and kind towards the many individuals we had to work with.

Brian O’ ConnorVideographer (on the right in the picture)
Blaine Rennicks

It’s always refreshing to work with as unique and visionary a mind as Bertie’s, and our films are well weighted towards the visual which is always a good thing for me as a DOP. Bertie constantly aims to push the boundaries both creatively and technically, testing all involved in the most positive of ways. I’m always looking forward to the next collaboration.

Blaine RennicksAward-Winning Cinematographer

Some of the outlets Bertie’s work has been featured on: